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"The most fun you can have with your swimsuit on!" The Lunocet provided Michael Phelps with 349% more propulsion, allowing him to swim 87% faster than his 2009 World Record!

Discovery Channel's Shark Week - Uproar over Michael Phelps' race with a CGI shark

Posted by Jeff Watson on July 25, 2017 . 0 Comments

Phelps' fin-maker doesn't need CGI to swim with sharks!


Michael Phelps recent "stunt" to attempt to out-swim a shark on Discover Channel's Shark Week kickoff was both technically impressive (Michael received a 349% increase in propulsion from an advanced monofin over 50m, which increased his speed by 87% over his fastest 2009 World Record butterfly pace!) and yet left others with a bad taste in their mouth.

Despite Michael's extensive media tour prior to the event, the majority of viewers who weren't paying close attention actually expected to see Michael in the swim of (for?) his life! A significant social media uproar ensued and the Twitter memes were flowing!

What does the name "Lunocet" mean? Where did it come from?

Posted by Jeff Watson on July 22, 2017 . 0 Comments

The name Lunocet is actually a combination of 2 words:  Lunate and Cetacean


  1. crescent-shaped.


And: Cetacean

[si-tey-shuh n]
1. belonging to the Cetacea, an order of aquatic, chiefly marine mammals, including whales and dolphins.

Hence the name Lunocet.  As it is a moon-shaped, dolphin / whale tail. 
It is sometimes misspelled Lunoset, Lunosit, Lunofin, Linoset, Lumocet or Lumoset, but once you understand the origins of the name, you will never misspell it again!  
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Lunocet Product Development History and Made in the U.S.A. Manufacturing

Posted by Jeff Watson on January 18, 2016 . 0 Comments

The Lunocet has been a project for the inventor for a decade and a half, with MANY design iterations, materials and constructions with a single purpose in mind... to make the world's best monofin and allow a human to enter the aquatic world seamlessly and blend in with its marine counterparts.  

All models have always been made 100% in the USA by artisanal craftsmen using state of the art CAD and CAM machines for design and production and are all assembled 100% by hand and personally inspected before packaging and shipping.

Below are some of the early models:

Early models were made of carbon fibre and the feet were fastened to either plates or more conventional fin footpockets with heel straps.

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About Me: Who am I and how did I get involved with the Lunocet?

Posted by Jeff Watson on January 17, 2016 . 0 Comments

Jeff Headshot

My name is Jeff Watson and I am a competitive and recreational freediver that dives primarily in cold, fresh water, but likes to enjoy all that there is to offer in terms of apnea and things aquatic.  I vacation in beautiful, clear, warm Caribbean waters that are full of life and also enjoy snorkeling them with my wife.

For training and fun, I play Underwater Hockey, Underwater Rugby and also sustainably spearfish for fresh, delicious meals that you simply can not buy in a restaurant or grocery store.

Before freediving, I used to race cars of all sorts and in all conditions (tarmac, autocross, go-karts, ice-racing with studded tires, etc.) and was used to being able to feel what the car was doing and optimizing the car setup for the best possible performance.

When I got into freediving, it was...

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