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As seen on The Gadget Show and TODAY: The Lunocet is THE must-have product if you love swimming. It is undoubtedly the most fun you can have with your swimsuit on!

Lunocet Pro Monofin

The Lunocet Pro is the Ultimate Swim Fin!  As featured on NBC's TODAY show and the UK's "The Gadget Show"!

Whether you want to swim like a dolphin, have always wanted to be a mermaid or just want an amazing underwater (low-impact) core workout, the Lunocet Pro is the product for you.

The Lunocet Pro is an Innovative, bio-mimetic, high-performance monofin.  It breaks down for easy (carry-on) travel, is durable and is incredibly comfortable for hours of continuous wear, as you supply your own cycling shoes that fit your feet.

The Lunocet Pro is three things that are NOT normally associated with Monofins!!:

  • - Comfortable
  • - Portable / modular design breaks down easily for travel
  • - Durable

Comes standard with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee and a 3-yr warranty!

Hyperfin performance, with running shoe comfort and super-easy travel.  At last, the perfect monofin exists!

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