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"The most fun you can have with your swimsuit on!" The Lunocet provided Michael Phelps with 349% more propulsion, allowing him to swim 87% faster than his 2009 World Record!

Lunocet Pro Monofin

The Lunocet Pro is the Ultimate Monofin! Whether you want to swim like a dolphin, have always wanted to be a mermaid or just love to swim, the Lunocet Pro is the product for you. 30-day Money Back Guarantee & 3-yr no-hassle warranty!


Sorry to announce that the Lunocet is no longer available, due to supply issues. 

We will be shutting down effective immediately. 

Speed + Efficiency + Power + Comfort = The Ultimate Swim Fin


The Lunocet Pro available for purchase for an incredible $399.95 and ships weekly.

"Finally a monofin exists that can be comfortably worn for hours, delivers incredible performance and power transfer and is efficient through the water, using 'lift-based propulsion' like an airplane wing!"


"For 20 yrs of me spending time in the sport of swimming and training, THIS is going to make me the fastest?  Just putting on this fin is going to make me the fastest.  I should have just done this all along!  What the hell was I thinking!?"  --Michael Phelps

Our Customers, Testimonials & Photos:
Check out what our customers are saying and where we have shipped Lunocets to worldwide.  Also check out the photos that many of our customers have taken of the Lunocet Pro in action!!

The Lunocet Pro is the result of over 10 years of development and 15 prototype / development cycles and has resulted in the worlds most advanced, high-performance and bio-mimetic (mimics the swimming characteristics of dolphins and sharks) monofin. 

Shoes / Fitment / Comfort:
The Lunocet Pro attaches to standard 3-bolt cycling shoes (either road shoes or triathlon shoes) supplied by you, so as to ensure a perfect fit and allows for hours of use with perfect comfort!  Both Sidi and Shimano cycling shoes hold up well to in-water use.

The Lunocet Pro disassembles with a simple (supplied) Allen key for easy transport, fitting easily in carry-on luggage or in a backpack!  This can not be said of other (large & bulky) monofins!

We ship worldwide (see a map of Our Customers).  Standard shipping is 1-2 wks in North America and 3-4 wks for other continents.

Inventory in-stock and ready to ship!

See the Lunocet Pro in action!