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What does the name "Lunocet" mean? Where did it come from?

Posted by Jeff Watson on July 22, 2017 . 0 Comments

The name Lunocet is actually a combination of 2 words:  Lunate and Cetacean


  1. crescent-shaped.


And: Cetacean

[si-tey-shuh n]
1. belonging to the Cetacea, an order of aquatic, chiefly marine mammals, including whales and dolphins.

Hence the name Lunocet.  As it is a moon-shaped, dolphin / whale tail. 
It is sometimes misspelled Lunoset, Lunosit, Lunofin, Linoset, Lumocet or Lumoset, but once you understand the origins of the name, you will never misspell it again!  

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