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Lunocet Product Development History and Made in the U.S.A. Manufacturing

Posted by Jeff Watson on January 18, 2016 . 0 Comments

The Lunocet has been a project for the inventor for a decade and a half, with MANY design iterations, materials and constructions with a single purpose in mind... to make the world's best monofin and allow a human to enter the aquatic world seamlessly and blend in with its marine counterparts.  

All models have always been made 100% in the USA by artisanal craftsmen using state of the art CAD and CAM machines for design and production and are all assembled 100% by hand and personally inspected before packaging and shipping.

Below are some of the early models:

Early models were made of carbon fibre and the feet were fastened to either plates or more conventional fin footpockets with heel straps.

Later on the cycling shoe mount concept was incorporated and later still, the pivoting "peduncle" or jointed backbone was added to mimic the dolphins "ball vertebrae" and provide additional articulation during the stroke.

The designs were all variations of "high aspect-ratio foils" meaning that they were long and narrow with a broad span and short chord length.

The true genius would later be unlocked with a different manufacturing technique using an aluminum inner skeleton with rubber flukes moulded around them as seen in the latest round of designs that started with the 2014 Classic, 2014 Pro and the 2015 Pro.


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