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"The most fun you can have with your swimsuit on!" The Lunocet provided Michael Phelps with 349% more propulsion, allowing him to swim 87% faster than his 2009 World Record!

Testimonials from UltimateSwimFin.com 2015 Lunocet Pro customers:


Elisabeth Mattes - Competitive freediving athlete and coach from Austria:

"I really love the fact that this fin fits into my carry on luggage (I traveled to Thailand for three weeks with hand luggage only - including the Lunocet!) and that I can literally wear it for hours without any discomfort.

Plus, I have zero worries about the fin breaking due to fragility - the flukes of the fin are made from rubber, the middle part is aluminum, that thing is sturdy and built to last you for a really long time.

It worked great for me to develop a much better finning technique than a hyperfin ever did - and I had no problem using it in a public pool (where pool staff will often prohibit the use of a big fiberglass monofin).

And finally, it is also a great feature that you can adjust the stiffness, depending on your activities, your size, strength, fitness and training." 

Tom from Norway reports back re: the 2015 Lunocet Pro after a vacation in Mauritius:

"I just have to report back that I absolutely love it. It did not take long to get used to it and it is very comfortable to wear and gives you a lot of power. I took it with me and used it for Snorkeling in Mauritius. A lot of people ask questions and were very interested.

... it is a fantastic piece of equipment! I went Scuba diving yesterday on a wreck, but when I saw the raw video I had made I was really reminded on how much faster and fun free diving is and especially with a Monofin where you have the power. It is a different life!"



Read Carl H's detailed review:  below is an excerpt:

"...We went to South Ari Atoll to see whale sharks. We did get to see one small one (7m). Of our group of 9 snorkelers, 5 were not fast enough to catch up to the whale shark. 3 got to see it, but did not get close. Thanks to the Luno, I caught up with it and got to swim eye to eye for a short ways and take pictures. 

...I would summarize by saying that Lunocet Pro is a remarkable design and of the highest quality. At low to medium speeds it is extremely efficient – far beyond any other fins or monofin I have ever used. Perhaps most importantly, I have found it to be fun to use. It is not something that I have left sitting on the shelf – I take it with me to most of my pool sessions and use it as part of my workout. I am very much looking forward to taking it to the Maldives again later this year!"



Please feel free to drop us a line about your experiences, a picture of you with the fin and / or a short video.  It is always appreciated and we love seeing people enjoying their fins as much as we do.